Chester is Beautiful

About Chester is Beautiful

It all started with a desire to see a change in the way people outside of Chester, Pa sees the city and the way people within the city sees themselves. It may not always appear that way, but there are some sites to be seen within Chester, Pa.

Chester, Pa has for a long time been portrayed in a negative light. Like most cities, it struggles with crime, drugs and poverty, but there is another side to the place that I called home as a child.

Chester Is Beautiful is a photo journal depicting the shuttle nuances that are life around the city of Chester, Pa. Here you will find the sites that most see when out and about in the city. This web site is a tribute to my hometown and it shows a side of the city that only those who are lucky enough to be born there are able to see.

I invite you to open your mind and let my lens be your eyes as we take this journey deep into the heart of Chester, Pa to see the sites around town. The people who live outside of Chester may fear the city. But we that have lived there all our lives know better. Chester, Pa is more than its reputation makes it out to be. Many have written it off long ago as just another casualty of the decline in manufacturing. But if you look beyond the factories, through the chain link fences, and across the playgrounds that dot our city, you’ll find that Chester is Beautiful.

About the Photographer - James Nichols

James was born and raised in Chester, Pa where he lived for 13 years until moving to Claymont, De. Living in Claymont gave him the opportunity to return frequently to visit family and friends.

Later he moved again to West Chester, Pa where he attended Cheyney University and West Chester University in pursuit of a degree in Computer Science. James is now thriving in the IT industry involved with several different technologies and platforms include web and Windows development.

It wasn't until after finishing school that James picked up a camera and began taking photography seriously. Always looking for a way to uplift the spirit and image of Chester, Pa, he combined his talents of photography and web development into the photo project known as Chester Is Beautiful to show the world that despite the negative stigma, the city and its people really are beautiful!

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